Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Anchor Charts - possessives

I love all of the anchor charts that I have seen on Pinterest. However, I do not have very much wall space to dedicate to anchor charts. Plus, next year I will be teaching 3 different groups of students. I use my computer and projector alot in my room. So I figured that I could make anchor charts on the computer and print the charts. The smaller charts can be more easily posted in my room or put in anchor chart binders. Here is my first chart.

Side note: I am still need help figuring out how to add pictures of my files. You'll probably laugh but I took a picture of this file with my camera. Then uploaded the picture. There has got to be an easier way...lol. And now I need to link this if anyone wants a copy...oh, my. I'll figure this all out sooner or later. If you can direct me to a tutorial on this I'd really appreciate it!

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