Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Finds, Award

Look what I found!
My classroom theme is Space. So I love it when I find things like aliens, robots, etc. The sandwich bags will be used for the first day gifts. The green and blue lunch bags will hold task cards. The dry erase writing strips will be used for cursive writing practice. (These all came from Target's dollar bins.) The large (10 x 13) vinyl zipper bags (from Big Lots) will hold some of my larger centers.

Tracey from Third Grade All Stars and Julie from The Hip Teacher have given me the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you both! Now I need to get busy and meet the demands of this award.

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their site.
2. Include the award image in your post.
3. Give seven random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and include a link to their site.
5. Let bloggers know they've been nominated.

Here are my seven random facts:
1. I helped shingle a barn roof last weekend.
2. I teach summer school in two weeks.
3. I love reading.
4. I love farm fresh eggs.
5. Purple is my favorite color.
6. I could spend hours in a teacher store.
7. I spend way too much time on the computer (hee, hee).

Here's who I've selected for this Award so far:
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Stay tuned for the rest ...


  1. Great finds! I have to head back and get some more of the sentence strips!

  2. Shut the front door! I'm doing a monster theme and have those ziplocs, but haven't seen those lunch sacks yet. Looks like I need to continue my Target stalking!! Just found you through the blog hop (which I'm going to have to link up with now since I just started blogging in June) and am your newest follower!

    Teaching Maddeness
    Come join my 500 Follower Giveaway that ends tomorrow!

  3. Isn't it amazing how time flies when we are in a teacher's store? :) Thanks for coming by my blog! I am your newest follower!

    Learning 4 Keeps

  4. Congrats on your award! Thanks again for following my blog, I am really enjoying exploring through your posts :)

    Miss L (WBT Blog Bug)
    Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching

  5. Congrats on your award!! I just found your blog and I love the tagline "Set your GPS for learning" Very clever!

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)