Monday, September 3, 2012

Room Reveal-Part 2

Here are some more pictures from my room reveal.
I'm not sure why but my tablet will only let me include 4 pictures, so I'll add more in another post.

Leveled books...In the past, I have leveled my books by genre. However, last year our building made a major push with AR and I found that it just wasn't working. Now they are organized by AR reading level. This way the students can quickly locate their level.

These are my shoe boxes filled with all those necessary supplies. I used a label maker to make my labels look neater.

This is my Common Core standards board. The ELA standards are attached with velcro. I use the spaceships to point to the standards we will be focusing on that day.
Here's a mailbox style organizer that I absolutely love! Each slot is labeled with a number. The slots hold Writing Workship papers, clipboards, and my mail slot. On top of it are all my computer discs. Whoever had this mailbox before me, had changed their minds often and the shelves were nasty. I took blue duct tape and covered the fronts of each shelf before I added the labels. I love how it looks now!


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