Saturday, September 15, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching At Work

After attending a fabulous Whole Brain Teaching Conference I was ready to implement it in my classroom. I posted the rules and prepared the scoreboard and practice cards. Then I broke my elbow and had to rethink the gestures. One-handed gestures and being unable to clap did not stop me!!

One of the dilemmas I had was determining how to use the scoreboard for three different groups of students. Because I only see two of the groups for 1 hour each, I decided to give a weekly reward. However, after one week of that experiment, I changed my mind. I think these third graders need more immediate gratification. The rewards don't cost  anything so why not reward each group daily. It's working much better!

I have one student in my homeroom that will probably need the "no gruff" rule. But I am holding out just like they recommended at the conference.

The most amazing thing to me is the "mirror-words" strategy. I came up with some one-handed motions for my social studies unit on citizenship. The kiddos are so engaged!  For review, I let the students take turns being the teacher. They say, "Mirror, words" and review all the concepts and vocabulary with the entire class. I'm loving it!

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